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I've done various projects related to cloud computing and most of them have been DevOps type of projects. A big chunk of these project have been on AWS, a few were on Google Cloud Platform, some others were on Azure, then there were people who wanted to setup their own private clouds using OpenStack and Vmware. I've also worked with Puppet and Ansible for setting up automation, configuration management and deployment automation scripts. Around 40% of my experience are with International customers from USA, Canada, UK, Germany and France.

Digital projects manager

Like I mentioned above, I've worked on numerous cloud computing projects of various sizes, almost all using AWS.
I started in 2011 with GC and had been working with different types of AWS services like EC2, ELB, Route53, RDS, DynamoDB etc...

  • Website: https://sergio.afanou.com
  • City: Paris, France
  • Degree: Engineer
  • Email: afanousergio (at) yahoo (point) fr

I always liked challenges and different types of problems that usually come with Cloud deployments.

Some common challenges were related to networking errors during the deployment, multiple services not working because of security groups modifications or permissions issues for other services (like an ELB in thinking it's a web server and it's actually running a worker process), issues with security groups - some ports open that should not be open (funny example : an NAT instance opened core TCP ports 80/443), using an elastic IP address proxy protocol (EC2-Proxy) and so on.

I got to learn a lot during these deployments especially regarding AWS capabilities and Big Data analytics tools (like Amazon Athena).  I strongly value customer satisfaction as our primary concern and do my best to provide any help needed.

Connaissance & Maîtrise

Gestion de projets 98%
Expertise Cloud 98%
Developpement d'applications (Full Stack) 80%
Developpement outils d'administration système 85%
Deep Learning 85%
Big Data 55%



Kékéli Sergio Afanou

I am passionate about technology. Throughout my career, this passion has taken me from fixed telephony to the cloud, via mobile telephony, the development of cloud and mobile applications and the transformation of systems.

  • Paris, France
  • afanousergio (at) yahoo (point) fr


Ingénieur Réseaux et Télécommunications

2008 - 2010

Institut national des Sciences appliquées de Lyon

One of the best learning experiences of my education. Theorical and practical lessons were well balanced. There also were a great fellowship among students.

  • Network architecture, protocols and security
  • Telephony, SIP, GSM 2G/3G

Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering

2007 - 2011

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

A wonderful study trip in China. Although the teaching methodology was very close to the one in France, cultural differences helped me see engineering problems from another perspective and enhance my problem solving skills.

  • Auto organized networks and personal area networks
  • Sensor networks with low power consumption protocols
  • Electronic FGPA design and computation

Master I - Informatique, Réseaux, Mathématiques, Sciences du vivant

2007 - 2011

Université Paris Descartes

It is during these years that my math and data science techniques grew the most. They set the scenes for the years ahead as an engineer. The hard work paid off at INSA and Jiao Tong University.

  • Mathmatics, statistics, numerical computation
  • Software architecture, expert systems and knowledge representation for intelligent systems.

BTS - Maintenance informatique, électronique et télécommunications

2002 - 2005


This degree trained me for the work on the field. Mostly I learned how a system is deployed on the field. The great experiences came from the people I have met during my internship and the dept of the courses I had. Not only the teachers were competent but their teaching provided the canevas for a good understanding and troubleshooting on the filed.

  • Telephony, GSM

Professional Experience

Chef de projets Dev Ops - Digital Services

2017 - Aujourd'hui

Essilor International - France

Mon role dans l’équipe est de mener les projets de transformation et délivrer les nouvelles fonctionalités aux clients. J’opère entre les équipes de développement et de test basées à Bangalore, les équipes de support niveau 2 à Manille et les équipes support niveau 3 basées à Bangkok.

  • Gestion de projets, change management, transfert de compétences
  • “Build-to-run” dans un environnement AWS, qualification
  • Intégration des nouvelles fonctionalités, tests de perfomances et de robustesse

Chef de projets Google Suite, Product Manager Microsoft

2014 - 2017

Essilor International, France

J’étais en charge de la gestion de projets de migration des solutions dites “legacy” vers des solutions Cloud. L’un de mes projets consistait à migrer des boites aux lettres de Microsoft Exchange vers GSuite et d’accompagner les collaborateurs vers les nouveaux usages de ce nouvel outil. J’ai ensuite eu l’opportunité de remplacer le système antivirus et antispam Postini vers Google Message Security. J’avais aussi la charge de l’évolution du “Master Windows 7 & Master Windows 10”. Un master est un installeur automatisé permettant de transformer n’importe quel PC en un PC d’entreprise. Mon travail permettait de soulager les équipes de déploiement sur le terrain en automatisant toutes leurs actions.

  • Gestion de projets cloud.
  • Administration et migration de serveurs de messagerie, anti-spam, sécurité.
  • Evolution de produits Microsoft Windows 7 & Windows 10, zéro touch.
  • Administration d’un parc de 1500 utilisateurs de téléphonie mobile

Chef de projets Google Suite

2011 - 2014

gPartner (devenu Devoteam Group) - Paris, France

En qualité de consultant, mon role était d’accompagner mes clients dans leur projets de transformation des outils collaboratifs. Principalement, j’ai réussi plusieurs projets de déploiement et d’intégration des solutions GSuite ainsi que les tranferts de connaissances et de compétences aux équipes afin qu’elles puissent prendre le relai et amener plus loin le projet. Ma satisfaction a été de voir, bien avant la fin du projet, des nouveaux usages apparaitre au sein des communautés.

  • Gestion de projets de transformation
  • Expertise Cloud pour l’intégration
  • Accompagnement et formation.



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